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The Arti Gras Story

Arti Gras is the showcase of our fair city’s thriving and incredibly vibrant art scene. This is an exciting new festival geared toward integrating our beloved city's arts scene, business community, musicians and our families, and should prove to be one of St. Albans' finest art events.

The First Arti Gras
Brought to you by the St. Albans Chamber of Commerce, the Albans Arts Center, local galleries, the business community, local artists, and art lovers as well, the first Arti Gras took place on September 10, 2015 from 5 pm to 10 pm. This creative festival treated visitors to special events and exposed them to the best local, regional, and nationally recognized artists.  

Art Around Town

Fall edition of Arti Gras

Join us this fall for Arti Gras: Art Around Town where we showcase local businesses, artists and musicians with a walking/trolley tour as well as festivities on Olde Main! 

Donor Party

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Art on Olde Main

Spring edition of Arti Gras

Our Spring event for Arti Gras was April 23rd.  This streetfest style event featured booths on Olde Main showcasing businesses, artists, food, and more!  The night ended with a free concert in front of the Alban!

July 14, 2017

Become an Art Donor or Benefactor for ArtiGras!  Gallery 63 on Olde Main is hosting an Art Donor Party. There will be wine and hors d'ouvres as well as live music and a taste of local St. Albans restaurants.  2 tickets to the Main Street Masquerade with the donation of an accepted Object d'Art. 

Find out more on the MASQUERADE  page.