Olde Main Plaza, St. Albans
Alban Arts Center
St. Albans Area Chamber of Commerce
Featured Artists and Entertainment
July 14, 6:30-10pm
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Thank you to everyone who came, donated, or assisted with our first ever fundraiser for Arti Gras!  See the Gallery Tab for event pictures!

Arti Gras presents:

Main Street Masquerade: Art Auction, Music, Hors d’oeuvres, Wine & More
July 14, 6:30-10 pm@Gallery63
Art Auction | Taste of St. Albans - Appetizers | Desserts| Wine 
Music on the Veranda at Gallery 63
Cost: $30 each, $50 a couple - 20/40 Tax Deductible

Auction Items

  1. The Host
    The Host
    Artist: David Frazier Acrylic on Canvas 16x20 December 2016
  2. Untitled
    Artist: David Frazier Acrylic on Canvas, 8x10
  3. Snow
    Artist: David Frazier Acrylic on Canvas, 8x10
  4. Biodiversity
    Artist: David Frazier Acrylic on canvas, 8x10
  1. Untitled
    Artist: William T. Gambill Oil on canvas
  2. Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar
    Artist: Larissa Stratton-Gatens Owner of Defining Women
  3. Nightlight
    Artist: PB&J Creations www.pbjcreations2015.com
  4. Sunset on the Gorge
    Sunset on the Gorge
    Artist: Emily Wall Reproduction
  1. Jim's Dream
    Jim's Dream
    Artist: Brenda Kincaid Beatty Watercolor - Limited edition archival reproduction The reference for the painting is taken from a photograph from the Lincoln County farm of Dr. James Brimhall, faculty member and VP of then WV State College.
  2. Vase in Blue
    Vase in Blue
    Artist: Brenda Kincaid Beatty Original Acrylic on canvas Painted from still life at now closed Museum in Community Putnam County WV
  3. When Cold Comes
    When Cold Comes
    Artist: DA Brown
  4. Hosta Salad
    Hosta Salad
    Artist: Brenda Kincaid Beatty The reference for this painting is the well-tended garden in front of the Saint Albans Library
  1. Taking Flight
    Taking Flight
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  2. Under the Sea
    Under the Sea
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  3. Bee's Knee's
    Bee's Knee's
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  4. Blending In
    Blending In
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  1. Fishing for Love
    Fishing for Love
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  2. A Million Fish in the Sea
    A Million Fish in the Sea
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  3. A Night Under Moonlight
    A Night Under Moonlight
    Artist: Sam Summers Reproduction
  4. Blocks
    Artist: Andy Sheetz Hand carved letter block set
  1. ...
    Artist: William Todd Gambill
  2. Old Country Road
    Old Country Road
    Artist: DA Brown
  3. Peace
    Artist: DA Brown Oil
  4. Racing the Storm
    Racing the Storm
    Artist: DA Brown Oil
  1. Tulips
    Artist: Chet Lowther
  2. Resting Place
    Resting Place
    Artist: Shawn Lilly (16 yrs old) Edited Photo on Canvas, Acrylic accents
  3. ...
    Artist: Mark Wolfe
  4. Baby
    Artist: Lisa Harrison Signed Print
  1. Ford Tailgate
    Ford Tailgate
    Artist: Lisa Harrison Signed Print
  2. Wanna Play
    Wanna Play
    Artist: Lisa Harrison Signed Print
  3. Inferno en Forte
    Inferno en Forte
    Artist: Emily Wall Acrylic on Canvas
  4. Date Night
    Date Night
    Artist: Lisa Harrison Signed Print
  1. Toronto, Canada
    Toronto, Canada
    Artist: Anita Gulliver Numbered print Donated by the Village Sampler

Featured Artists

Featured Musicians and Entertainment

Blues Crossing

We're just a little acoustic blues duo... jammin' together since '04.


Robin Kessinger

Robin is repeat winner of  National Flat Pick Guitar Championship.

A native-born living West Virginia flat pick guitar legend, Robin Kessinger keeps a busy schedule, teaching both beginner and advanced guitar students, and still finds time for memorable concerts, workshops and contests. 

His awards include the 1985 National Flatpick Championship at Winfield, Kansas; the 1989 and 1990 Galax, Virginia, Best Performer championship; and firsts in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Georgia. Robin headlines many festivals and judges up-and-coming flat-pick artists in contests around the country. He has appeared on PBS and BBC television specials and NPR radio shows. He has been an instructor at the Augusta since 1983. Robin lists his influences as "everything I listen to"; his father, Bob; and his great uncle, fiddler Clark Kessinger.  

Cari Stone

Cari is no stranger to the theater with dancing, singing, and acting to her credit since a small child.  She considers herself a “trans-dancer” in that she has studied under many teachers in different genres and just plain loves to make people smile. In her off work time, she leads workshops on Liturgical Dance with adults and youth, plays in a performing World Drumming group called “Circle of Sound” and spins fire.   

Cari’s “day job” is with the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services as a Rehabilitation Program Specialist.  When she is not at her day job, Cari can be found frolicking as Twinkle the Gypsy Fairy, spinning fire toys out and about town, and enjoying nature. 

Cari can be reached at carijstone322@gmail.com for party and special events.

Susan Hughart

Susan Hughart, a WV native, has been a student of dance for many years starting with ballet, tap, jazz and baton with Connie Picozzi at the age of 3.

Fast forward many years and after marrying the love of her life and having two children, Susan rediscovered her love of dance after seeing a beautiful dancer perform tribal fusion bellydance at a street fair.

Susan has been studying and teaching several styles of international dance since 2004. She is an award winning professional belly dance artist, winning awards in both recorded and live music categories.

Susan has also represented her current home town at the Mrs WV America Pageant, winning the titles of Mrs Ohio Valley and Mrs Jackson County.

Sangieh@yahoo.com  and on facebook at

Taste of St. Albans Restaurants & Supporting Businesses


Mountain Que

70 Olde Main Plz 
Saint Albans, West Virginia
Call (304) 722-1500
516 Winfield Rd
Saint Albans, West Virginia
Call (304) 553-8747

Angela's on the River

Lil' Bit of Heaven Cupcakes

2 6th Avenue 
Saint Albans, West Virginia
Call (304) 722-2244
95 Olde Main Street
Saint Albans, West Virginia
Call (304) 729-8038

Marco's Pizza

King Kabab

313 6th Avenue 
Saint Albans, West Virginia
Call (304) 945-3111
4860 MacCorkle Ave. SW
South Charleston, West Virginia
Call (304) 926-0234

Village Sampler

Coal River Group

86 Olde Main Plz
Saint Albans, West Virginia
Call (304) 722-0123
181 Pettigrew Lane Meadowood Park
Upper Falls, West Virginia
Call (304) 722-3055

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